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Where to get a replacement frame for our Tutek Diamos' broken chassis?

Jelena • 09 Apr 2022

Good evening,

Since the birth of my child we had this exact one, Tutek Diamos:

And now after almost fully 2,5 years the frame broke. I would like to know is it possible to buy only frame of the same Tutek Diamos that we had (in the link above)? Or other frame of Tutek but so that the chair can fit in the frame?

Appreciate your reply in advance!


Eli • 10 Apr 2022

Hi, Jelena,

We talk about spare and replacement parts in this article, I definitely recommend reading it.

The things is, you cannot "just" buy it in a shop or online shop, it's a thing that needs to be ordered by a distributor or sold/provided by the manufacturer, in this case, Tutek.

If not stated otherwise, you shouldn't normally put parts of a certain model to a different model, even if from the same brand, as it was not tested to be used like that and can be potentially unsafe. Still, Tutek and other Polish brands make the attachment systems as well as carrycot very similarly, so it might fit other Tutek chassis with the same type of click-on attachment.

So, read the article. Try your options. And, if nothing works, you can still browse classifieds to find the same or very similar Tutek model that you'd buy for parts.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.