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Where to get a Babylux White Lux car seat?

Sharon • 21 Nov 2021

How much for a White Lux car seat separately. Or even a Bexa or similar one that would fit on the White Lux adaptors.

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eli & vii
Eli • 22 Nov 2021

Hey, Sharon,

it depends on which car seat adapters you have. They also offer the Maxi-Cosi style, which fits most well-known, safe car seats.

If, however, you've got the original, own-brand car seat adaptors, you should contact the seller you bought your pram at, and ask for the same car seat, as different models are sold over the world and they'd order you the capsule you need for the exact ones you have. Even if you found other brand car seats with the same attachment system, those also need to be ordered separately as they are usually offered to complement the stroller system set.

Just for having an idea about the sum it costs, the approximate price of an own-brand car seat is around 50-60 EUR (USD, pounds...), but this varies based on the country, and usually is such when buying the whole 3in1 set.

P.S. We don't sell anything on Strollberry.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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