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Where to find info/manual to a 12-year-old Emmaljunga pram?

Jo-Marie • 01 Jun 2021

Where can I find information about a 12 year old Emmaljunga pram - such as how to remove the canopy and carrycot materials to wash them?

It seems that all of the connectors were factory set and we can't remove them (no screws) in order to properly clean this older pram.

Also, we have searched for basic information about how to remove the canopy from the carrycot so that it can be put on the toddler portion of the stroller - with no luck.

Eli • 03 Jun 2021

Hello, Jo-Marie,

If you tried this Emmaljunga pra manuals section and it's not there... I would probably contact the manufacturer directly. You don't specify the pram name/model type - it will help if, writing them, you'd be specifying more info - like the name, or at least a picture.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.