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Where to find daptors for a Nuna Triv Next carrycot - or a different carrycot that would fit?

Julia Liberman • 01 May 2023


I’m trying to find an adaptor for a Nuna Triv Next carrycot. I have a carrycot but I can’t find adapter. Is there any alternative adaptors I can use? Thanks in advance!

Eli • 02 May 2023

Hi, Julia,

I would try to contact Nuna's customer support for this. They will either supply you with the adapters you need, or suggest a distributor that has it. It may be though it is just not available now, but they will have to confirm this.

Apart from the carrycot, since there is no other type for now, I would look at either a soft, universal cot that can be inserted into the seat (e.g. a Hauck one, you can find it on Amazon), or a reclinable Nuna Arra car seat that can be used instead of a carycot.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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