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Where to find ABC Design 4Tec car seat adapters?

Barbara • 26 Feb 2022


Where can I find the ABC Design 4Tec adapters for a car seat?

(from original Polish: Dzien Dobry! Gdzie moge kupic adaptery do wozkla ABC Desing 4 Tec?)

Eli • 26 Feb 2022

Hey, Barbara,

I am sorry to say – nowhere, at least from the average customer point of view. This model is discontinued for a few years already, meaning it is not supported anymore and stores don't sell parts and accessories for it anymore. You can, however, always browse through classifieds and find someone who would sell them to you pre-owned... or try to contact the manufacturer's - ABC Design's customer care, maybe they'd find some older ones in their old stock/supplies.

The ABC Design's contact page, however, says that spare parts requests will not be answered and you are to contact any retailer of this brand around you (in your country/area).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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