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Where to find a stroller repair service in the Manchester area/how to fit a replacement Jane Muum wheel?


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Jose • 24 Sep 2022

Hi Eli!

One of the front wheels of my Jane Muum needs replacing. I got the new wheel, just need someone to do the work now! Do you know any shops where I could take the pram for repair in the Manchester area please? Thank you!

Eli • 24 Sep 2022

Hi, Jose,

I am sorry though I won't probably help you, as there is very very few stroller repair shops in the world left. The best is to go to a retailer of that brand around you, and/or any larger, good baby store, they usually have a service worker of sorts. Btw, though, the wheel should not be hard to replace, you should just remove the old wheel (there should be a button and/or a metal pin that needs to be pushed in) and click in the new one (if we're talking about a whole new wheel).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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