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Where to find a Nuna Triv Cybex/Maxi-Cosi car seat adapter?

Monica • 15 May 2023

Hi Eli,

I am looking to attach a carrycot/bassinet for the Nuna Triv. In a couple of your other responses you had mentioned the adapter for Maxi-Cosi/Cybex. Is there a link or specific skew you can send my way so I know I have the right one? Thank you in advance!

Eli • 15 May 2023

Hi, Monica,

Those adapters stopped to be produced and cannot be found much, so unless you're lucky in some kind of classified ad, I'm afraid you won't get your hands on one. Nuna tries to push their car seats which use a different adapter, you know.

A carrycot for the Nuna Triv - if it's the first one, you'll need to again look in classifieds. The newer, for the newer Triv, is usually available, and it's best to write to their customer service for availability info.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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