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Where to find a car seat compatible with the Chipolino Fama?

Maria • 06 Dec 2021

Hi Eli! I need your help...

My name is Maria...
I bought a Chipolino Fama stroller, 2 and a half years ago for my first son.
I already had a car seat and I didn't buy the Fama model... But it was really difficult to carry it without a stroller...

So now, I decided to buy the car seat (0-13 kg) for this model - Fama - for my second baby... But I cant find it!!! No place in Greece has this model...

Is there another model of chipolino which fits to my stroller with an adaptor? Or do I have to buy it from another country (of course I don't want to pay a lot!)

Eli • 07 Dec 2021

Hi, Maria,

I am sorry to say the Chicpolino brand changes their offer and portfolio heavily, meaning that the strollers and car seats available one year are not there in a year or two. The Fama car seat was made so that it fits without adaptors on the Fama frame, so I don't think you'll be able to find a recent car seat model from Chipolino that would fit.

Apart from searching abroad, try to browse classifieds - maybe somebody is selling the same stroller system and would be as kind as to sell you only the car seat.

Another solution would be to get a lightweight, compact stroller that can accept a car seat you already have, having that only for car trips.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.