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Where to buy the Hesba Condor Coupe?

Gwen eide • 02 Aug 2021


We are looking for the Hesba Condor Coupe with swivel wheels. Do you have this?

Eli • 03 Aug 2021

Hi, Gwen,

We don't sell anything on Strollberry. To get this exact pram - the Hesba Condor Coupé, you either need to find a distributor in your country or to write to the German manufacturer, Hesba, at info@hesba.de whether they'd sell you one to the US, for example (they normally don't distribute to the USA, that is why I say this). You will probably need to pay quite a lot for the shipping cost, however, even if they agree to that. An email is anyhow worth a try.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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