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Where to buy a spare cover for my pushchair seat?

Jen • 31 Jul 2021


I have the Qbaro beige 3 in 1 pram set, unfortunately the cover to my pushchair has been misplaced, can I purchase a new cover from somewhere? Iā€™m desperate for a new one? Please help?

Eli • 01 Aug 2021

Hi, Jen,

There s no place to just buy a fabric cover for prams and pushchairs. Some (usually the better, more expensive brands like, for example, Bugaboo) do offer spare parts shop, but this is very rare, really. For spare parts, the best way to go is to contact the seller you bought your pram at and ask for the particular part to be ordered from the manufacturer. It can be they might not be able to help with these super-low-cost stroller systems, however,

Next step is to try to get in touch with the manufacturer yourself, but again, they might not help. Many don't. Here's the contact page for the Raf-Pol brand, since that is the manufacturer of your Baby Merc Qbaro/Babylux Qbaro.

One of the last things to try is to go through classifieds to find a used pram that is the same type as your is - to buy a while used pram for less money and use it as a second one literally for spare parts (it might be your wheels will get broken at some point, too).

And the last suggestion - you can always try to ask a tailor to make textile covers for you based on the seat (you'd need to bring/send the seat to the tailor, of course). This will cost money but should be fitting well - IF you'll find a willing tailor. They can often be found in facebook's mommy and pram groups.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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