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Mothercare Xtreme: Where to buy a spare bumper bar?

Rodney • 05 Aug 2021

Please, can you let me know where to buy a replacement bumper bar for the Mothercare Xtreme pushchair?

Eli • 06 Aug 2021

Hi, Rodney,

I would love to tell you but spare parts are not just available to buy in a shop or so. These are usually only ordered based on a need, and this does the distributor/the retail (shop) you ought it at originally, usually.

Do contact the retailer you bought it at, firstly, asking for the part you need even if it would take a fee to get it. As a discontinued Mothercare model, however, it might prove undoable for the retailer.

Next, I'd contact Mothercare/Boots customer service and ask for help... They, however, say this on their webpage: "We don't have a list of specific spare parts available. However, your local store will be able to advise if the item you need is available and they can order it for you."

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.