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Chicco Activ3: Where to buy a Chicco Activ 3 carrycot?

Elizabeth Henstridge • 04 Aug 2021


Where can I buy the carrycot that can be used with the Chicco Activ3?

Eli • 05 Aug 2021


The carrycot is mostly sold in the same shops that sell the pushchair, really. If they don't offer the carrycot part, e.g., online, don't hesitate to write them and ask about the availability of the bassinet part. Even I ran into the Activ 3 from Chicco in a shop and they also sold the bassinet on-site.

In some countries, however, the model nor the arrycot aren't available anymore, as I noticed. Do try classifieds in that case, many mums bought the Trio stroller system with it, and might be willing to sell it separately.

The carrycot is the least used/least strain put-on part on a pram - and should be, therefore, in an almost-like-new condition.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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