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What's the width of the Cosatto Woosh Double stroller? Will it fit a standard door?

julie Parkinson • 28 Oct 2021

What is the width of the Cossato Whoosh twin stroller? Can the twin stroller fit through average front doorway?

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eli & vii
Eli • 29 Oct 2021

Hey, Julie,

the Cosatto Woosh Double is 75 cm wide (we do have this information in the Specification section under the stroller, for future reference). As the standard doorway width is 80 cm, it will fit most doorways without a problem.

Older houses, hospitals, and so on sometimes have a 70/65/60 cm doorway and there it won't, fit, I'm afraid, but this is a very rare thing to encounter and I wouldn't be too scared about that. I mean, 75 cm for a double stroller is absolutely fine and very average.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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