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Belecoo 535-S: What’s the feature difference between the Belecoo 535-S and the Belecoo X5?

EFH • 08 Aug 2021

Hi Eli,

What’s the feature difference between 535-S and X5 model?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Eli • 14 Aug 2021

Hello, there!

Sorry for the delay in answering but I was on vacation! 😊 Hope your summer goes well.

About the difference, the Belecoo 535-S and the Belecoo X5 are very similar, functionality-wise. The one difference would be (apart from the colorways available ad the small design details such as wheels spokes shape and so on) that the 535-S has a carrycot configuration that offers the side ventilation. The 535-S's handlebar is also differently shaped (kind of upwards, which might be actually negative from the point of the center of gravity, but this would be very much relevant to your size and style of pushing as well). Lastly, the 535-S package includes a cup holder.

One could say that the 535-S is, therefore, a 'higher' - better, more luxurious model. Still. bear in mind that these are very cheap-ish prams and as such, they won't be the most luxe, features-wise. You'll use both of them best in the city and if you're not too demanding (the small front wheels might start to rattle over time). Both will serve you very similarly so I would suggest deciding based on your personal design preference (as well as on the price offer you might get - one could be just a 'better bargain').

Your -very berry- Eli.

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