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Hauck Rapid 3R: What's better for forest and beach walks: the Hauck Runner or the Hauck Rapid 3R pram?

Claire • 17 Jun 2021

Hello Eli,

I'm trying to decide between the Hauck Runner and Hauck Rapid 3R pram. I live in the countryside near the beach and wanted a pram that could handle a walk in the woods and on the beach. The Runner seemed to have larger wheels, but would the Rapids rubber wheels be any good on sand? Is there a standout winner for walks in the countryside and beach?

Eli • 21 Jun 2021

Hello, Claire!

You truly picked two similar pramsúpushchairs but I do think there's a clear winner - and it will be the Hauck Runner (2). The thing is, the Hauck brand is overall a cheaper brand, made for people on a budget. That also means a lot of stroller compromises in terms of plastic and fabric quality. I do consider them to be a bit too stiff (not much in terms of suspension) and a bit simple. When on a budget and need a new affordable stroller system, that's an OK compromise to make, BUT... if you plan to actually use your pram in the forest or on a beach, which means some serious terrain conditions, to be honest, you'll need some suspension, and that is quite significantly added by the inflatable wheels.

So yes, the Runner will be a better option because of the air-filled and larger wheels.

If I could suggest an even better, quality option, a pre-owned (or a new) Baby Jogger City Elite would be much better in terms of push comfort. Another, and more affordable, option (unsure if available to you in your country, so google for sure) would be the Casualplay LOOPi Allroad. A super-versatile, simple but very functional pram/pushchair with even a running frame optionally available if needed.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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