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What US-available travel strollers have a high weight capacity and a tall seatback (52 cm+)?

Hoppy • 04 May 2022

What strollers, available in the US, are compact for travel, have a high weight limit (50+ pounds), and a tall backrest (over 52 cm)? Some recline would be helpful. This is a for a very large toddler.

Thank you!!

Eli • 04 May 2022

Hi, Hoppy,

For a very large toddler, and a very compact buggy, you have very few options, and even those might not be as roomy as you might perhaps want - travel pushchairs are quite small, so you can't expect plenty of space. My suggestions would be the Uppababy Minu, the Bugaboo Butterfly (56 cm seatback!), the Joolz Aer if you can find it through Amazon or eBay, and the Recaro Lexa should hopefully be available even in the US soon (cannot promise though).

Even if not available just around you, you can always check global websites if looking for something particular, the shipping might be high but with such a problem, maybe even worth it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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