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What to watch out for with a used stroller, and where to get parts and kits for the Stokke Trailz and the Doona car seat?

Snazzy • 28 Jun 2022

Hi Eli thanks for your help so far,

Iā€™m looking at getting the Stokke Trailz pram second hand, what are some things to look out for when buying a second hand buggy?

Additionally, can I buy the materials for the Stokke Xplory to change the color of the Trailz or it has to be a Trailz material?

Do you also know where I can buy new materials for the Doona car seat?

Eli • 28 Jun 2022

Hiya, Shazzy,

It always depends on which materials/what parts do you need. For the Doona car seat, I'm afraid I cannot help you much, I can only recommend this article of ours about stroller replacement parts and how to get to some, which I suggest reading.

About the Trailz, you CAN use the summer/winter kits from the Xplory to the Trailz seat, but it has to be the same generation (e.g., the newer stuff from the latest Stokke Xplory iteration will not fit the older style seat units, so be sure to compare the seat unit - and if it looks the same. You will see the differences mainly on the canopy and on the leg rest. The carrycot and other spare parts except for the seat will just not fit, so again, it all depends on what exactly do you need for your Trailz.

About what to watch out for, I will start with NOT minding scratches or slight textile things, as those will happen to you when folding and using the stroller anyway. The dangerous things are definitely rust, which I would definitely not get - it is possible to treat, but hard and usually returns again; then a very loose, wobbly chassis (a little bit of will is ok, but a lot is not), front wheels that turn like crazy (impossible to repair, it is a thing damaged in the joint), and any frame cracks, damaged plastic or damaged seat frame (yeah, you can replace the seat, but you will most probably have to replace it all). The aesthetic things are not too important, but the parts holding the stroller together and "making" the ride - the frame, the joints, the wheels - have to be in a good condition. Be sure to also read out cleaning and maintenance stroller guide, too, as after getting a pre-loved stroller, a bit of maintenance should take place in any case.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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