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What to do with a damaged basket of a Bertoni Carrera?

Δέσποινα • 31 Oct 2021


I have the Carrera Bertoni stroller and my shopping basket is damaged. Could you please send me a new one? How much does it cost? I want to order it.

Eli • 31 Oct 2021


Unfortunately, we don't sell anything on Strollberry, so I can't help you there. What I can suggest is either contacting the seller of your stroller, the Bertoni Carrera, or directly the manufacturer, Bertoni/Lorelli (e.g. on Lorelli facebook page).

This might not work, of course, and they can not respond to you, which happens. My own next step then would be to either browse classifieds to find your pram (the same model) sold for parts or for very little money and use it to replace the part you need. Another option is to contact a tailor and have one basket made to copy the one that broke. A tailor can even make it stronger, using different materials - but it will cost you a bit.

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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