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What to choose - a Hauck Sunny or something else?

Duane • 09 Aug 2021


So I want to buy a new stroller but I am not sure which one. What do you prefer - the Hauck Sunny or the Free on Lux Premium?

Eli • 14 Aug 2021

Hi, Duane,

You don't really specify which other strollers you're thinking about - Hauck doesn't offer a model called Free or Lux Premium, so you probably mean something else..?

To the Hauck Sunny, it feels rather cheap and rattly to me. I mean, the price is reflected in the stroller, frame ad fabrics quality a lot. I would much more go for something like a Chicco Goody (Chicco Goody in-depth stroller review here) or maybe a Kinderrkaft Nubi from the cheaper travel pushchairs... Do remember that such a small pushchair as a Hauck Sunny is not meant as an everyday use stroller, they are small and rather fragile for something more than occasional short walks and traveling.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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