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What stroller would you recommend for twins (ideally one that can be separated into two strollers)?

Ourania Anthopoulou • 15 Jun 2021

Hi there!

What would you suggest for twins stroller/side by side, and ideally with the option to separate?

Eli • 15 Jun 2021

Hello, Ourania,

There are not too many separable side-by-side strollers. Parents do connect two separate buggies sometimes to make it easier when they often have to take only one of two children somewhere (look up 'Twin Stroller Connector' on Amazon), but I must say, to push such a double buggy, you'll feel the strain, it's not too comfortable to push or turn. This is more of an occasional measure mainly meant for older kids.

One of the first things that would be doable is the new [[babyzen-yoyo-connect|Babyzen Yoyo Connect extension that makes it possible to connect two Yoyos, even with bassinets, together. Only one car seat will be usable in this setup and found on the solution being long, rather expensive, and of course not much for the terrain. The seat's length is also limited, and the seat is rather slanted (not upright), which are other compromises of this solution.

A similar possibility is offered by the Phil&Teds Go buggy that can, from now on, be connected in a similar way. It does offer a carrycot as well as a car seat possibility, but in pushchair mode, only a world-facing, lie-flat position (the Babyzen Yoyo doesn't offer a full recline in the forward-facing mode but can be used parent-facing with the newborn kit).

Anything else that comes to my mind would be a Bumprider Connect that would offer this feature - it features magnets on the side to easily connect and disconnect the buggies to be used as a single or a double. Again, these are ultra-compact strollers so not 100% comfortable.

If you need a full-sized pram from birth, I would rather suggest prioritize the newborns' comfort and go for a non-separable double or a single-to-double. Here's an article with my picks and advice about what to consider when shopping for a double stroller to know more.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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