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What stroller from birth to get for a LOT of walking on surfaces the Vista gets stuck regularly?rsh

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eli & vii
M&E • 31 Oct 2022

We live in NYC in one of those neighborhoods that is rapidly changing but still has some older infrastructure. We have made it a habit to observe how strollers operate on our block and cannot help but notice how the stroller of choice in NYC, the UppaBaby Vista, rarely makes it down the block without getting stuck on the uneven pavement. As first-time parents-to-be who mostly will be walking as our form of transit, we don't want to struggle making it down our block which we know we will be walking every day. We anticipate walking approximately 10km a day between commutes to and from grandma or classes, not to mention any recreational walks. We are prioritizing maneuverability, foldability (one hand / upright stand), and smoothness of ride over other features (though would love some way to use the stroller from birth) and are curious what you would recommend with that in mind. Bonuses: seat adjustability and sun coverage. Not needed: huge compartments under the stroller; we can manage with a backpack.

We have looked at the Cybex Gazelle (top), BGB Fox, and Vista (hated it) as one category and all terains such as the Baby Jogger GT, Thule Urban Glide 2 (top) and Spring, BOB Flex Revolution, and Bumbleride Indie (couldn't test drive in stores) as a second type that could meet our needs. We are a fan of the second category a bit more overall, but weren't sure if those made sense as a primary stroller for everyday use. This is our top baby investment so budget is more flexible thanks to grabbing a lot else used, but we want to pay for something we are confident in.

For reference, we would definitely have a second, lighter travel stroller (top choice currently is the Joolz Aer) for our international trips (approximately three per year to see family abroad) and for subway related excursions.

With all of that in mind, what would you recommend for a rougher ride but everyday use stroller? And why do so many people end up with a Vista when it feels like the stroller equivalent of driving a boat?!

Eli • 31 Oct 2022

Hi guys,

I actually agree with the vista, it has multiple advantages but overall is huge, even after folding, while not crazy all-terrain. I think a lot of marketing, and a lot is it s sturdiness, frame-wise + the single to double convertibility that makes it so appealing. I personally would not really be able o imagine that folded size in a city.

From your ways of thinking, mine would be the second. With what you need, terrain capability and maneuverability, you definitely need a kind of a jogger, swivel-wheel three-wheeler. My personal choice in there would probably be the Baby Jogger City Elite 2 with a bassinet, which makes it much more comfortable for a newborn. The bassinet can then be sold rather easily, not to be stored too long for no purpose. Apart from the City Elite, the Thule makes sense, it is just longer which for the city not always worked the best. The Bumbleride Indie is also a nice option - and all three have a carrycot option.

If the Vista gets stuck around you, the Bugaboo Fox will, too, and I would not go for the Cybex Gazelle as not only it is quite large, but also may loosen up, chassis-wise, after being rattled a lot on really bad pavements. Just not that sturdy of a stroller, that is all.

For that much walking, a three-wheeler will be a breeze to turn and much easier to fold - and will be, overall, much more practical.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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