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What stroller for a 110 cm toddler and a 20kg baby that doesn't walk yet?

Alia • 11 Jul 2021


I have a very tall - 110cm one - and a half-year-old who weighs 20kg and isn’t walking yet, and I need a comfortable pushchair for him. Literally scoured the Internet and would
really appreciate some help.

Eli • 13 Jul 2021


For a 20kg six-month-old (Are you sure? This is a lot for such a young baby - maybe you meant ), you will only need a larger, world-facing pushchair for sure. My suggestion would be to get a Baby Jogger City Elite / Baby Jogger City Mini GT2(even a pre-loved one will work), these are strollers with true high weight capacities and a roomy seat.

Apart from that, if you can get your hands on a Petite&Mars Royal (check German Amazon - and this full Petite&Mars Royal review), or maybe a Britax B-Motion Plus, these are also strollers with a long seat surface and a high weight capacity. Also, do check and consider larger three-wheeled strollers - they're usually the roomier ones, and can take more strain.

I would definitely not think about any reversible stroller since they are always less spacious and narrower in the seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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