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What mid-size, lightweight stroller upgrade of up to 22kg after our Graco Evo?

Rich • 08 Feb 2022


First of all thank you for this website, it is amazing. We are looking to upgrade our toddler (16 months) to a bigger stroller with a weight capacity of 22kg-ish.

At the moment we have a Graco Evo (referred to as “The Tank”) which she is quickly growing out of. Due to its size we had a spare pram for the car, a Joie Pact. We were hoping to find something in between both of these to use as our one and only pram. We aren’t too keen on the ultra compact prams as they tend to feel a bit flimsier - but we do need something that isn’t another tank. Our car is relatively small and unfortunately, all the umbrella strollers we can see are too long (boot space is max 95cm in length).

It will mainly be used around town and occasionally on a bumpy outdoor path, but nothing too intense.

We are flexible on budget and would look at secondhand for the more expensive strollers (i.e. >£250). Any suggestions you have would be great, thank you!

Eli • 09 Feb 2022

Hey, Rich!

I can see your struggle and, indeed, a mid-size lightweight compact stroller is usually the best option for a second stroller (upgrade after the fort, main from-birth pram). My personal preference both because of spaciousness and because of quality would be a Baby Jogger - City Mini2 / City Mini GT2 are super flat when folded while they last well and push very very nicely. An Oyster Zero is super wide and can handle a larger toddler with ease while being super light and very nice to push. That would probably be my favourite out of the "as light as it can be while roomy enough."

And I will also mention models like TFK Dot2 (this is probably unavailable to you), Valco Snap (no suspension but for less demanding terrain it can do) or a Gesslein S4 (heavier than others but with a very very nice suspension.

Still, I would be deciding between the BJ and the Oyster Zero as these are, from my experience, the best investment and push.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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