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What lightweight travel stroller can hold the tallest children?

LizzyS • 10 Feb 2023

What lightweight travel stroller holds the tallest child? The Butterfly looks great but $.

Eli • 11 Feb 2023

Hey, Lizzy,

Unfortunately it all depends mostly on the seat back height and the overall workmanship quality (as cheap buggies often rattle and get loose with a larger child, not talking about their small seats) - and so, the Butterfly with the 56cm tall backrest is one of the best candidates.

Apart from that, the Joolz Aer that, unfortunately, is also not cheap, has enough space and is a well made model that can take a taller kid. Lastly, I will mention the Recaro Lexa as a doable compromise, and the Ergobaby Metro+ has quite a lot of space to the top of the canopy, so might work too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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