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What lie-flat ultra-compact stroller to get, complementing our beloved main pram, Uppababy Vista?

Renata • 14 Nov 2021


I'm a mom in Canada of an 8-month old. We have an Uppababy Vista V2 that we absolutely love and now we are looking for a travel stroller. We travel a lot internationally and the Vista was great on our last trip but lots of work to carry at the airport and gate check. We want a stroller that fits the cabin and that is easy to maneuver and rides smoothly. We love that about the Vista.

I've looked into the Yoyo, but it's pricey and it seems like it doesn't lie flat and our baby sleeps a lot on the stroller. He is 9kg now and 75cm.

Do you recommend the Yoyo as the best option or are there good ones that would work for us?

Eli • 15 Nov 2021

Hello there, Renata,

Good thinking, after the maneuverability of the Uppababy Vista V2, you will need something very nice. I'll start with no, the Babyzen Yoyo is not the best option, in my opinion, as it's not very spacious, incredibly slanted (not an upright-seat stroller at all), and even if having a good-quality frame, it is simply too overpriced from my point of view.

I'll suggest checking this overview of some of the best ultra-compact stroller ideas of 2021, and this overview of some of the best ultra-compact stroller ideas of summer 2020. A good inspiration to start with.

My own advice here, quality versus performance-wise, would be in the likes of Joolz Aer, which is reasonably sturdy and spacious (unluckily, also not a lie-flat, but reasonably reclinable for naps of a toddler). I also liked the Chicco Goody for its price (check the full Chicco Goody review here, and the Easywalker ultra-compact strollers (like Miley or Jackey) offer a nice ride, push-wise (but are also quite slanted). If the seat comfort and padding would be important to you, look at the Ergobaby Metro.

One more buggy to point out would also be the Uppababy Minu. I mean, it is a bit bugger that te cabin-sized pushchairs, but still very small.- It might be worth even as baby's checked baggage, I mean, having an Uppbaby, you can imagine the quality is great and worth it.

Hope I helped! Don't hesitate to write if you have more questions 😉

Your -very berry- Eli.

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