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What Joie pushchair have the highest handlebars?

Jane • 13 Nov 2021


What Joie pushchair models are the highest for handle bar height, please? As I am 6ft and I'm really struggling to get a pushchair that will not hurt my shoulders or back...

Thank you

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eli & vii
Eli • 14 Nov 2021

Hey, Jane!

The Joie Aeria's pushbar gets up to 113 cm of height, so that would be one stroller model you can look at. Next, the Joie Chrome DLX's handle goes up to 113 cm as well; the Joie Versatrax and the Joie Finiti offers a push bar height of 109 cm, and the Joie Mytrax's parent bar is at 108.5 cm at the highest.

All of these should suit a taller parent just fine. Always choose an adjustable-handle stroller

Your -very berry- Eli.

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