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What is the Peg-Pérego Veloce's seat lenght measurement?

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eli & vii
Ellevation • 01 Oct 2023

Me again, sorry, if seat depth is 21cm, I must also ask the Peg-Perego Veloce full seat length if/when the footrest is adjusted to be flat. 21 cm sounds like a shallow seat so I'd use the footrest open at all times.

Eli • 01 Oct 2023

Hey, Ellevation,

I am sorry, I don't have the full seat length measurement at hand, so can't tell you the leg rest length exactly. The seat back is 50cm though, so for a reversible seat, it is a rather nice one. Nothing crazy, and yes, not very deep, but alright I would say - and you in any case need to count on a reversible seat to last shorter, also because of the hood which is immediately above it

If I were to make an educated guess, the seat could be about 90cm long.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.