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What is the main difference between Valco Snap Duo and Sport besides price?

Crist • 18 Apr 2023


I am in need of a double stroller for my 2 1.5 years old and for my almost year old baby. I am looking at the Valco Snap Duo and the Sport. What is the main difference besides price?

I am undecided because I am very particular now and careful on what I will be choosing for a double stroller from past experience with my single stroller. I have the Nuna Mix Next 2020 and I am not crazy about it. I love that is lightweight easy to fold and the quality of it is very nice. Very expensive. But when my babies are in it, they are so uncomfortable and they slide right through the handle bar. I always have to push them back up.

Anyways, any recommendations between the 2 Valcos. Or do you recommend another double stroller. I will also be using it for traveling. Is UV canopy visible? I also do not like that you can see that silver lining inside of that canopy...

Thank you.

Eli • 18 Apr 2023

Hiy, Crist,

The only difference between any Valco and its SPORT version is that the SPORT has inflatable = more all terrain wheels. All else is the same. That is why it is more expensive, the larger wheels are extra, land yes, they help on bumps, but are not that crazy much of a difference if you won't go over harsh terrain - the normal Valco Snap Duo should be enough.

It is a simpler, but a very nice stroller, and I can actually recommend it for two children.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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