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What is the difference between the Didofy Aster and Didofy Aster 2? Is the Aster a good choice for a second stroller?

Jessica • 23 Feb 2022

Hi Eli,

I was wondering whether you’d had the opportunity to try out the Didofy Aster 2? And if so, what are the main updates from the original? Im looking for a compact travel stroller for my toddler to be used for train/plane travel and city trips. Ideally, it should be light, have a true one-hand fold, free standing when folded, with good wheels, shoulder strap and have an adjustable foot rest with recline options.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts! Many thanks

Eli • 23 Feb 2022

Heya, Jessica,

I must say I did not have it in my hands, no. The reality of it is, however, that the Aster 2 upgrade did not bring anything new, no changes in functionality, just new colors and a bit better fabrics. It doesn't matter that much, then, if you get the Didofy Aster 1 or Aster 2.

About the stroller, for that price, it seems fine to me, just a bit overpriced at 299. It is nothing special - kind of an average model of its category, but a good one at that - and the fabrics feel a bit cheap/thin to me, which might be a bit better on the second iteration. For OCCASIONAL use, trips, shopping trips and so on, it should be just fine.

I personally would still, however, prefer an Ergobaby Metro+ (or the Chicco Goody which is also auto-folding (read the full Chicco Goody review here) as they seem to me like a longer-lasting, larger-wheeled, and overall a little better value for the money.

This is, however, very subjective, so if you like the Aster, it is not a bad choice.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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