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What is the best stroller choice for twins?

Meek • 16 Dec 2021

The best stroller for twins?

Eli • 16 Dec 2021

Hey, Meek!

This is a complex question as there is no one BEST stroller - the best FOR YOU always depends on your stroller budget, the terrain around you, your lifestyle, and your stroller priorities (e.g., I want mine to be beautiful OR tall OR super lightweight...).

My own all-rounder choice would probably be a Bugaboo Donkey, even a pre-loved one if a new one is too expensive (which it is). From super lightweight ones, the Valco Snap Ultra Duo is a nice affordable choice... And, for more, read this article talking about different double strollers and which are the best there, you'll get some inspiration even from there.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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