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What is the best compact stroller for a larger toddler to nap in?

Rx • 31 Oct 2021

The best compact stroller for a larger toddler to last and with a good leg rest for naps?

Eli • 01 Nov 2021


It quite depends on how compact it should be - if you mean a travel, ultra-compact-style stroller that is cabin-luggage sized, or just a lightweight, smaller-size stroller for everyday use.

From the ultra-compacts, it will always be harsh as they are made to be as small as it gets, meaning a smaller seat than normal. So a large toddler to sleep inside would never be comfy enough to regularly use such a buggy; the whole type was designed and meant as an occasional use stroller. In any case, if I were to suggest such a small, compact pushchair for your situation, I would probably think of Joolz Aer with the optional leg rest (sold separately), as it has a higher backrest than most ultracompacts. Also, check this article with top ultra-compacts of this (2021) year to see more good enough options from this category. There's also a Chicco Goody stroller review if that would interest you.

From the mid-size, forward-facing lightweight, compact strollers, I would check more models ranging from probably the best - a Baby Jogger City Mini2/Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, Thule Spring, Inglesina Maior, smaller Baby Jogger City Zip, TFK Dot 2...

There's a lot to choose from, actually, but I would go for quality, even more so if it's for a larger toddler and regular naps, which require more comfort and more space. Always think of the one-two stroller priorities, and other features should be "sacrificed" a but for those priorities to be fully present.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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