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What is better for a hilly terrain - a lightweight or a more all-terrain stroller?

Gee • 11 Nov 2021

Hi - I’ve been wondering for some time about hilly terrain. Our town is very hilly and the pavements are often subject to adverse camber as well. I went for a lightweight stroller, but I’m wondering if all terrain may have been better. Pushing up big hills, is it better to have a lighter stroller, or one with big air filled tyres, despite being heavier?

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Eli • 11 Nov 2021

Hello, Gee!

You, I believe, did a good choice if you chose a lightweight stroller that fits you. I mean, for hilly terrain, a lighter stroller is the better use IN GENERAL.

Of course, more comes into the equation - the first thing, even more important than the weight itself, is the manipulation with your stroller. It will ALWAYS be harder to push a pushchair uphill, so you need something you're not struggling with even while going on a smoother surface. A super-maneuverable stroller will, of course, be a bit less maneuverable uphill, but still a million times better than a stroller that is not easy to push and turn even on less slanted surfaces.

A stable stroller is also a must, that is perhaps why you were questioning your lightweight stroller choice, but if it's a good one and not unstable, you will be fine. The low weight (usually) helps maneuverability. Just don't go for an ultra-compact, occasional-use travel one, that is all I'd say, otherwise, a light model will help you in this case.

I did live a few years in a place with ONLY hilly around and had a full-featured all-terrain stroller (nice but super tiring to push uphill after some time) and then lighter stroller I was much happier with, as, with the child's weight, it was less of a burden to push uphill. It will, still, be a bit of exercise, so do count on that ;-)

One last thing, I myself was the happiest with three-wheeled stroller, maneuverability-wise, so I'd actually go for something like that IF good quality and less than 10 kg weight (like a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2), but not all mums like the habit/stability of three-wheelers so if ever going for one, only good, quality ones should be considered.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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