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Kinderkraft Prime 2020: What is a rocking chassis, and is the suspension of the Prime better than an Uppababy Cruz's one?

Noah • 11 Aug 2021

In the specifications, what does it mean to have a rocking chassis? Another question is how good is the suspension compared to the Uppababy Cruz?


Eli • 15 Aug 2021

Hi, Noah,

We tried to pick those prams that do have a 'rocking' style of suspension in the way it's not only shock-absorbing that you barely feel but an actual rocking chassis allowing you to softly rock your baby. Those prams with even an adjustable style of suspension springs usually (of course, not always, but mostly) feature such a soft suspension that allows this rocking, and the Prime is pretty much on the rocking side when having the suspension adjusted to soft.

Suspension-wise, then, the Prime is a bit better off, compared to the Uppababy Cruz. On the other hand, it is a MUCH cheaper stroller so maybe the suspension is softer but the wheel bearings, the joints, the plastics, the fabrics, even te seat design and space inside are actually much better in the Cruz from my point of view. Yes, the suspension is a vital part of a stroller's anatomy, but not the most important one - the overall quality is actually much much more important from the longevity and sturdiness as well as overall comfort view.

Read more about suspension in our article if that interests you 😉.

Also, there's a new article comparing Kinderkraft strollers with other, similar affordable brands if that would be of use to you 😊

Your -very berry- Eli.

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