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What is a more unique choice than the Bugaboo Fox?

S • 05 Aug 2022


I’ve written to you before and you told me that I can’t go wrong with the Bugaboo Fox, however looking around at different buggies, I don’t love the fact that it’s so typical (I like being different) doesn’t come in many designs, and I want to feel amazing when pushing around a buggy I love. Even though I know it must be very good since everyone has it for a reason. I also find it’s quite low down as I’m tall.

I wanted to ask you if there is another stroller that has all the same qualities as a Bugaboo? I need it to be my ‘car’ to be able to go on all terrain, push up hills easily and to get up and down steps without too much difficulty.

I’ve done quite a bit of research and went to see some today.

Besides for my previous question, What are your thoughts on the Cybex (and which Cybex would be good for all terrain, etc.)? The Joolz?

And the Mamas and Papas Ocarro which apparently won a gold award?

If I would end up going for a Bugaboo I’ve been looking at the special editions which look different... would you know a website that sells the special editions, (I quite liked the denim Buffalo) or a website that sells different hoods and inserts with different designs and colours so that it wouldn’t look like the classic Bugaboo they sell? I don’t mind if it’s not branded with bugaboo but would fit the buggy.

I hope it's not too many questions for you 🙈 and that you can understand what I’ve written.

Thanks so much

Eli • 05 Aug 2022

Hi, S,

I iwll start with the Bugaboo and stating nothing really is as light while as high quality as a BGB. That is why I said that - and if you'd really make it different, I know of multiple moms making their pram original by visiting a tailor who sews a brand new hood/covers/any accessory you want (if you don't mind paying for it, it is usually not totally cheap) and having the stroller completely changed to their liking. Search for a good one around you or in groups on Facebook, I saw multiple of those there.

To the next point, a similar quality stroller, well, the Cybex priam 4 is not a bad one, actually where I live there are many, many of those especially because it is so stylish and moms here want to be posh. Anyhow, the stroller is OK, but a bit loos in the frame/a bit rattly for the price, otherwise a really fashionable option with multiple good features so it is not a bad choice if you need to stand out for sure. The Joolz Day Plus is SUPERB to push though heavy and bulky so you need to count on that. Other than that, it is a nice, quality stroller that could have a larger seat but will last you multiple kids for sure. Lastly, I do believe I mentioned he Easywalker Jimmey that has quite a unique design...

I would not go for the Ocarro even if I like it, as it is lower to the ground and hard-ish to ride (suspension could be stronger).

P.S. I am adding a custom Fox seat from Etsy:

Your -very berry- Eli.

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