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What do you think of the Kinderkraft Nubi and Ryanair's 50x40x20cm allowed luggage size?

Krissy • 27 Mar 2022

Hi Eli,

What do you think of the Kinderkraft Nuby buggy? I usually travel with Ryanair and the luggage size is 50x40x20cm. I couldn't find another stroller to match that.

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes:

Eli • 27 Mar 2022

Hi there, Krissy,

Unfortunately ,that luggage size can be matched only by one stroller (or two, as there are variations ot the one): the GB Pockit / GB Pockit Plus. As the smallest-folding stroller in the world, even in the Guinness book of records, this one would fit, otherwise, none will. It is, however, also a bit rickety because of so many folding points, but that is to be expected.

If you don't want to get this particular stroller, you'll need to pay extra for a larger-than-backpack kind of luggage at Ryanair. OR risk it, I mean, they always can just take the stroller (aka baby luggage) from you at the entrance to the plane, and give it back to you when getting off. I actually did have a larger backpack once and nobody checked for that extra 2-3 centimeters ;-) BUT this is, of course, up to you, it may be you'll need to give it away, not having it as cabin luggage in the end.

About the Kinderkraft Nubi travel pushchair, it will for sure be simple, for that price. But it looks really nice, and even won the Red Dot Design Award, which is also a plus. If your budget is tight-ish, and you need such a stroller, the Nubi is certainly a nice choice from my point of view.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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