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What do you say about the Cam Techno stroller? I need an opinion before buying since it's expensive.

Rawan • 28 Aug 2021

Hello Eli,

This is Rawan. Please, I want to ask about the Cam Mod Softy With Techno Frame Travel System stroller? Plz, I need a review because it’s really pricey.

Thnx a lot

Eli • 30 Aug 2021

Hello, Rawan!

Well, the Cam stroller systems are fantastic with the carrycot. The Cam bassinets are sooo comfy, large and roomy, and most parents love it during the first months. So as a pram, I would definitely recommend it.

The seat unit part of the Cam Techno is, however, more average than the carrycot. Not everybody likes that is quite spacious (wide) as well (like maybe too wide for the circa 6 to 8-month-old baby passing from the carrycot) and also, the canopy there is, let's say,in the more open side when the baby is in the lie-flat position.

Apart from that, it's a nice pram. I can recommend it, but not if it's too expensive. It should be about a middle, price-wise, and if you have a good offer, I say go for it. If it is, however, too much on your budget, I would suggest going a bit lower. A Jané Muum, for ex., is a cheaper but comparably good stroller, and so is a Joie Versatrax or a Joie Finiti.

Good luck with choosingthe right stroller! ❤️ Let us know the opinion of what you chose in a review here on strollberry later on!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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