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Hauck Lacrosse: What car seats are compatible with the Hauck Lacrosse pram?

Rach h • 24 Jun 2021

What car seat will attach to the pram? Will the comfort fix car seat work with it?

Eli • 24 Jun 2021


The Lacrosse is an older model, so I am not sure I'd risk trying a new car seat type on it, even though - yes, I am pretty sure it WILL fit the Lacrosse since the attachment system is the same. It is good to say that the Lacrosse was sold as a ready-made Shop'n'Drive travel system with the matching Zero Plus Comfort 0+ car seat, so an older variation.

The Hauck Comfort Fix car seat is, officially, compatible with the Vegas, Duett 2 and Duett 3 and Lift Up 4 strollers (with adapters) and the Rapid 3 and Rapid 4 (without adapters).

Again, I will say that it should be compatible, but you never know with older models - there might be a glitch. With the Zero Plus Comfort 0+ car seat, you have the compatibility granted.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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