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What car seats and adapters fit the Emmaljunga Duo City stroller?

Margit • 18 Jun 2022


I have Emmaljunga frame, model: Duo City black (1888:2012, ser.no 17885 180314-030).
What kind of baby cars seats and car seat adapters are suitable for this frame? Can not find any information unfortunately, could you please help me?

Eli • 19 Jun 2022

Hi, Margit,

The best is to ask directly a seller of the Emmaljunga brand. The EmmaljungaDuo City indeed does accept car seats, pretty much all of the well-known brands with Maxi-Cosi/Cybex and even Britax attachment system, but you do need adapters, new or pre-owned, and you won’t be able to click a car seat on without those (bear in mind it is a different set of adapters for Maxi Cosi and a different one for Britax).

Btw, the attachment system for the Duo City line is the same as on Duo Classic or the Viking line, so you just need to browse eBay and get one (like these for Maxi-Cosi or these for Britax. Also try classifieds ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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