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What brands are good in terms of sustainability and are not that expensive?

Susie • 15 Aug 2022

Which is a good brand for environmental sustainability please that doesn’t cost a fortune?

Eli • 16 Aug 2022

Hi, Susie,

Your number one option to be sustainable is actually any (good) brand bought pre-owned. I personally would go for a quality brand (like Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Bumbleride any time if checking the stroller's condition first. Reusing already made items is the best you can do, actually, so they serve longer and there's no need to make another, new item. And you get a good stroller while saving money as well. You cannot really get more sustainable than this.

From new strollers' point of view, the really conscious brands are on the more expensive side, from Easywalker to Joolz - pretty much all of the better brands are using recycled materials and/or plant trees, support charities etc. It is actually the cheaper brands that need to save expenses where they can that don't really put much (or any) effort into sustainability.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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