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What are your thoughts on Silver Cross strollers as all-terrain strollers that should be easy to push?

R • 15 Jul 2022


What are your thoughts on the Silver Cross Surf or any other Silver Cross strollers, for an all terrain stroller that’s easy with curbs, steps, and a smooth push?

How would you compare it to a Bugaboo Chameleon, Lynx and Fox?

Many thanks,

Eli • 15 Jul 2022


The Silver Cross prams are, for me, mainly pretty strollers, but don't feel that practical. I mean, I don't want to be negative, their flagship model Surf is actually super nice to push, but super bulky and very very small in the seat for how large and expensive it is. That is probably the only one from the stroller systems that is so nice to steer, though - the more rectangular-shaped SC frames (like the Horizon etc.) are even bulkier and although large and bulky, not as strong nor as easy to push, the less so to get up curbs. So those would definitely not be the strollers I would invest in.

About Bugaboo strollers, thanks to the better engineering and lighter frames, the push is, in general, much much better. Especially with the Fox line, you will get a very nice-to-drive pushchair that is a bit more spacious (although not the smaller after folding, BUT definitely easier to store than the SC) and seels exceptionally well even after you're done with it (AND spare parts are generally available for a long time, so also repairable). The Lynx is a made-simpler version of the Fox and pushes ok, although the larger front wheels of the Fox make for a better ride... and my least fav is the Cameleon, which is not as easy over terrain because of the small front wheels AND the reversible handle makes the push horrible when reversed, so I wouldn't really count on that.

My choice would definitely be a Bugaboo, especially the Fox, as that is the best value/performance for your money here. Of course, everybody has a different style and needs, so it can be someone else sees it differently.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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