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What are the mattress measurements for the Mountain Buggy Duet V3 Carrycot+?

RP • 08 Mar 2023


I am struggling to find the measurements for the Mountain Buggy Duet v3 carrycot plus mattress. I need to order a replacement one but don’t have the original anymore. I have the measurements of the actual carrycot as 80cm x Width 30cm x Height 22cm, but I don’t have the internal ones needed for the mattress.

You have some on your website but I am not sure they are correct as they are wider than the carrycot?

Eli • 08 Mar 2023

Hi, RP,

The measurements are often approximate and I don't have this one measured by myself, I must say. I did find an original replacement mattress though - HERE, so perhaps either order that, or write to them to ask about the exact dimensions.

I will be glad if you'll let me know the exact ones btw ^-^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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