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What are the differences between the Easywalker Harvey2 and Harvey3? Is the H3 worth the higher price?

Lucie • 08 Jun 2021

Hi, eli,

I am hesitating between the Easywalker Harvey 2 and Harvey 3 prams. The second Harvey is on sale at the moment, so the price is better and I am inclining to this option but the Harvey 3 is new - so I am still thinking if it's much better..? Maybe it's worth paying extra for a better pram? Can you help me?

Thanx so much for any opinion on this 🙏!

Eli • 08 Jun 2021

Hello, there!

I literally got a few similar questions lately, so I put the Easywalker Harvey2 versus Harvey3 differences and comparison in this article. The main difference, in my opinion, is the extra space - the bassinet and the seat unit both are larger, so the pram will last longer than the Harvey2. There are some better details and finishes on the Harvey3 as well (a bit narrower while larger wheels, the Unique Accessory System allowing to add a LED light or a steering wheel for the kid on the belly bar... and, the recycled - sustainable fabrics on the Harvey3 are also an interesting argument for those eco-conscious. I more like the Premium line enhancements from the details and finishes - a rear seatback pocket, a panoramic carrycot ventilation window, and the inclining mattress there are absolutely interesting points to consider if ready to pay a bit extra for a better stroller system. We did fit a 3yo in the Harvey2, though, so if not really insisting on a larger carrycot/seat unit, and not ready to pay even more for the [[easywalker-harvey3| Easywalker Harvey 3 Premium, the cheaper price of the Harvey 2 makes more sense. I would probably look at my budget and decide either the better price of the Harvey2 (it's a good pram, srsly) or the most features of the Harvey3 Premium line.

We've tested the Easywalker Harvey2 as well so you can read a long-read, full Eeasywalker Harvey 2 stroller review here to know more about the "older" model. Then, taking all of the extra bells and whistles of the Harvey 3 (Premium), you can make an informed decision. I do think both will be good decisions if it's a pram fitting your lifestyle (and money situation, cause that is also important - I truly think so).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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