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What are the best all terrain strollers?

Samantha • 01 Sep 2022

Can you advise best all terrain strollers?

Eli • 01 Sep 2022

Hi, Samantha,

Well, I can advise those that I believe to be best, though there are limits you don't talk about - best all-terrain in what category - three-wheeled/four-wheeled, and with what budget, what folding size, does anything matter, any requirements that should be met?

Overall, a three-wheeler is usually much much better for terrain, so those I will mention as my favs will pretty much be three-wheeled models. Read more about that difference in this article I put together about three versus four wheels on a stroller.

Again, many factors go into the equation, as a dedicated, terrain ONLY stroller is a different (much more bulky) thing than an all-terrain that should be used everyday, even in the city. Your best bet will be quality, therefore no cheap, budget brands (like I would NOT go for a Hauck, for example), and also large wheels. The larger the wheels and the larger the frame, the better it will cope with terrain.

I personally would probably go for a Baby Jogger, as they make their Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (more for also the city) / Baby Jogger City Elite 2 (very versatile and quite nimble on worse terrain) / Baby Jogger Summit X3 (terrain + jogging) very well and long-lasting. So these would be one of my first choices. I also quite like the Mountain Buggy brand; their three-wheelers are expensive but real workhorses, especially those with larger front wheels. And the Thule strollers are lighter so nimbler, but then in super hard terrain, they may loosen up over time. I will also mention the Uppababy Ridge I also quite like the design of.

From reversible 4-wheeled strollers, I loved the Britax Go Big as it pushed with one hand, and the Bumbleride Era also feels to be a good one.

Try to think about what exactly means all terrain for you, which harsh terrain you need to tackle, what your budget is, other requirements, the age of your little one... and if still searching, send me a more detailed question and I will correct my answer to address your needs - as "the best" is always very subjective, especially with strollers and mothers' needs.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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