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What are the advantages of inflatable, ball-bearing wheels?

Davoud • 03 Jan 2023

Hi Eli,

Thnaks for your product.
I have a question regarding inflatable wheels with ball bearings on RIKO Ecco model. What is the advantage of these type of Wheels? Do I need to top up the air from time to time? Is there any chance to get puncture?

Best Regards,

Eli • 03 Jan 2023

Hiya, Davoud,

Not sure why you are thanking me for the product, as we don't sell anything at Strollberry, just trying to shed some light on the world of strollers by information and advice.

If I can tell you something about the Riko Brano Ecco wheels, they are úretty much normal inflatable wheels, imagine like on a bike. YOu WILL need to inflate them from time to time, and you CAN get a puncture. The internal tire can, I guess, be ordered where you bought the stroller, but also just got at a larger, better bike shop. The advantage here being they are larger and add natural suspension, o they will perform better on uneven, bumpy surfaces.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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