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Verdi Genua: Which car seats are compatible with this pram?

Charlotte • 08 Mar 2022

What car seats are compatible with the Verdi Genua, please? I have the adapter.

Eli • 08 Mar 2022

Hi, Charlotte,

Well, it depends on your answer to the question: "Which adapter for a car seat do you have"? The lower part of each car seat adaptors must be compatible with the stroller, of course. But the top part determines which car seat brands will be compatible, and often one stroller can have multiple styles of car seat adapters available.

The Verdi Genua is usually be sold as a 3in1 system with a dedicated (cheap, not too safe) car seat that was meant to complement this stroller in color - looks like this:

This car seat can only be ordered when buying a stroller, or optionally (later) from a seller selling Verdi Genua pram.

So if you, by any chance, don't have adapters for Maxi-Cosi/Cybex/Joie/Kiddy/Recaro/Nuna car seat (their upper part looks like this):

You have the other, cheaper car seat adapters attachment system, meaning you need to contact a Verdi seller and ask for a compatible car seat to be ordered for you.

P.S. I would rather get a better-quality car seat and not use it on my pram than to get that one, but it is, of course, your choice.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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