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Venicci Tinum: Is the basket space small? Can you attach a cup holder? Does it accept the Joie i-Level car seat?

AJ • 06 Nov 2021

I like the look of the Venicci Tinum however I have a few reservations... firstly, do people find the basket too small? Also, can I fit a cup holder onto the frame? Lastly is it compatible with the Joie Ilevel reclining carseat?


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eli & vii
Eli • 06 Nov 2021

Hi, there, AJ,

So, I'll start with the basket. Unfortunately, yeah, the storage space is rather small. It is not a large, spacious basket, and it's also not that accessible, even more so with the carrycot attached. So you cannot expect too much space in there, and if a large basket is a priority, this won't be a pram for you.

Next, about the drinks holder. Of course, you can attach one, just not an original Venicci one. There's no integrated attachment point BUT a universally fitting one (any uni brand will do) can be attached on pretty much any frame. Usually, such an attachment system involves screwing it on with the plastic screw system, not a hard thing to do. So yes, you will be able to put on a cup holder on the frame if you get a universally fitting one.

Lastly, about the Joie i-Level reclinable car seat. When ordering or in a baby shop, ask for Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat adapters for this stroller system. On those, you will be able to fit the Joie i-Level car seat. So, yes, with Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat adapters, the Joie i-Level can be clicked on the Venicci Tinum frame.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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