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Venicci Tinum 2.0: How many hours can a baby safely sleep in a bassinet? Can the baby even sleep inside?

Bab1 • 01 Jan 2022

How many hours is safe for baby to sleep in carrycot? Is carrycot suitable for sleeping?

Eli • 01 Jan 2022


Well, yes - and a tiny no to the safe sleeping in the carrycot. I mean, yes, it is absolutely safe for any baby to sleep in the carrycot DURING THE DAY and for a few minutes to few hours long naps. Babies, in general, can sleep up to 16 hours a day (and more) right after birth, and yes, a lot of it will be in a pram/carrycot when going out. Do not worry about your little one sleeping inside, he or she is supposed to do that ^_^

On the other hand, for long-time (6-10 hours) NIGHT sleeps, you SHOULD NOT use a carrycot instead of a crib or a bed. There are few bassinets certified for such use, but overall, it should not be used like that because of a few points:
- a carrycot is LESS SPACIOUS and with LESS AIR going in, meaning increasing the risk of SIDS especially at a time parents are sleeping and not overseeing a baby (aka during the night)
- the matters of a normal carrycot is fine for the few hours during the day and walks but not as firm and high-quality as a thicker bed/cor/crib matters meant for overnight sleeping
- and, there's no safe way to use your carrycot with a baby monitor, as the bottom is not made for that and it may not work properly.

So, you absolutely can use your carrycot during the day, even for longer naps, as long as you're there, around your baby. You shouldn't use it as a replacement for a baby cot and night sleeping except for those few certified for overnight sleeping - and even those are not a perfect replacement for a baby's bed which, truly, is much more comfortable and safe for a baby to sleep in every night.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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