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Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo: Where to buy the dual adapter for the Snap Ultra Duo?

Keri • 17 Feb 2023

I had a question about the dual car seats in the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo. In your arrivals, you write:

The adapters - you will need a double adapter set here - are made so that, yes, one capsule is slightly lower than the other so that the whole bulk of the stroller with two car seats is not insanely wide.

Are you able to advise where these can be purchased? Have twins due in May and looking at this stroller but would want the dual car seat adapters.

Eli • 17 Feb 2023

Hey, Keri,

The availability is varying A LOT, and in some countries, Valco Baby doesn't even supply some accessories. I personally would contact any seller / distributor / or the brand itself (their customer service) to ask about whether and where you could order that, is you canont google it anywhere around you. Next, I would go over classifieds on any larger page with those, and also browse eBay and Amazon.

E.g., I found the adapter in Europe, in Czechia for example.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.