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Valco Baby Snap 4 Trend Tailormade: Is there a stroller with similar specifications but WITH suspension?

sbato • 08 Sep 2021


I love the specs of this Snap:
- width < 55cm
- large basket
- big enough wheels

But it lacks suspensions, and I'm afraid I can't overlook that.

Is there something with these specs, but that adds suspensions on all wheels?
(leaving along Snap Sport, because it has air filled wheels, which I wouldn't want to mantain)

Thank you!!

Eli • 08 Sep 2021

Hello, there!

Well, there is and there isn't. Each stroller is a bit different so THE SAME you won't get, but similarly functioning strollers there are, absolutely.

After a Valco, I was very very happy with an Oyster Zero which has tad smaller wheels but still was able to go over grass and dirt roads thanks to a rather nice suspension. Also, the weight of it is similar and the canopy and seat width is even better than the Valco's.

My next advice would be a heavier but still doable Joie Mytrax - it has similar wheels to air-filled wheels but they're filled with foam so there's no risk of a puncture. And the basket there is awesome.

I'll also mention a Baby Jogger City Mini2 or a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 which are more expensive but much higher quality & with shock absorbers.

Lastly, a few other models to look at: the ABC Design Okini, TFK Dot 2, Gesslein S4 or a Thule Spring (this, as a three-wheeler, has a width of 58.5 cm but this is still veeery ok and narrow enough).

Also, I'll suggest reading our different stroller wheels type guide to compare and understand how all that works and what can be best for you.

And - good luck! ❤️

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.