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Uppababy Vista, Bugaboo Fox or Nuna Mixx Next? Which stroller is better?

Ryan • 25 Feb 2022

Hi Eli,

My wife and I are considering the Uppababy Vista V2, Bugaboo Fox2/Fox 3, and the Nuna Mixx/Mixx Next.

We are both tall so our baby will likely be tall/large as well. We would like something that can handle some rougher terrain (un-kept parks, gravel roads, trails, snow, etc), while not needing to be a true off road stroller. We are not into jogging. Out of the three we are looking at, what are your thoughts?

Various helpful store clerks have advocated for each.


Eli • 26 Feb 2022

Hey, Ryan,

From the three prams you mention, I would immediately discard one - the Nunas. Those are the bulkiest, the weakest, frame-wise, and the shortest in their reversible seat unit, which means the Nuna Mixx or Nuna Mixx Next will last you worst over time - ad will be the least practical.

So the final battle, at least from my point of view, would be between the Uppababy and the Bugaboo brands. Both are a very nice choice here, though, both are not the smallest after folding. My own personal opinion would be - go for the Bugaboo as it is LIGHTER. A lighter stroller, if you don't need a true all-terrain, off-road pushchair, means better maneuverability, easier loading in/out of the car, and overall, less fuss. The downside of it is that it is slightly lower to the ground, compared to the Vista, and tall parents usually prefer higher stroller systems. It is not low, however, and the handlebar extends high up enough, so I only would take that as a dealbreaker if you truly feel you need the tallest stroller possible.

One more thing. If you plan a second child soon after the first (in one, 1.5 years after), the Uppabby might be a better choice as it converts into a double stroller. But I wouldn't get it "just in case" if you truly don't plan it that way - as my own opinion is that lighter is better when needing an everyday stroller and not an off-road horse.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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